Ray L. Williams


a brief biography



Business -- Retired from:


Systems Engineer (mainframes), Retailer, Gentleman Farmer, Web Designer, Computer Consultant


Reliable Go-Karts

Awesome Webs

The Propane Club

Georgia's Peaches





34 years working with computers, including mainframes, telecommunications, technical training, and public speaking.  Two years on the city council of an area city (the second person in the history of the city to unseat an incumbent), as well as city and state boards.  Presided over the two lowest effective tax increases in the history of that city (2.99%, 0%), while implementing many public safety programs, including police car replacement every 3 years and manning a previously closed fire station.  Now retired, due to health.  Businesses above are maintained by wife.




  • Life-long Baptist, now a member of Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church.  "I couldn't handle the new Baptist chorus music."

  • Native Texan;  about 1/3 native Cherokee Indian.

  • Fiscal conservative who deplores waste by city governments, abuse of power by elected officials, and official corruption.

  • Dislikes people who are not tolerant of opposing views, especially when it evolves into juvenile name-calling.  People who resort to name-calling are merely calling attention to their own ignorance and immaturity.

  • Pro-military:  "Freedom isn't free."

  • Supports the war and our troops:  "If we weren't fighting the terrorists over there, we'd be fighting them on Hwy. 77."

  • Gadfly when he sees government stepping upon people's liberties.  The United States is becoming a socialist nation, and we "citizens" will soon become "subjects" if nothing is done to stop it.



"The right to have your own honest opinion, and express it, is one of things that makes America great.  When you try to take that from another individual through harassment, intimidation, bullying, ridicule, or other means, you are not trying to destroy that individual -- you are trying to destroy America."





Ellis County


"I haven't lived here all my life, but I came as soon as I heard it had turned republican."


Ellis County provides a peaceful, country atmosphere in which to live, while being close to services available only in large cities.



Best Quote -- Ovilla Police Chief Mike Moon


"Just because two people don't agree on the same subject doesn't mean one of them is wrong."



Precinct 4


We have Johnny Brown protecting us as Sheriff, Mike Jones as our Constable, and Steve Egan as our Justice of the Peace.  I feel we have honest, caring people representing us in Precinct 4 in the public safety area.



Public Safety


I'm a firm supporter of public safety.  Ellis County has a very good group of peace officers.



County Judge


Judge Bush is a very sincere, intelligent person.  I was amazed at her courtesy in a recent visit.  She seems very "open" -- something not often found in a person in her position.  She even opened the door for me when I left.



Sheriff Johnny Brown


Johnny Brown is the most innovative sheriff we've ever seen.  As one of the most powerful people in the county, it would have been easy for this job to "go to his head," but it didn't.  He has reduced major crime by 45% and added a K-9 program, all while maintaining costs at less than the 2008 budget.  His ideas are progressive and intelligent.  To those who criticized Sheriff Johnny Brown, you have only to look at the newspaper -- we're having record arrests for drugs, burglaries, etc. by the ECSO.  He has done what he said he would do.  If only Washington would do the same.



Constable Mike Jones


Mike Jones is a man who has proudly served our country and has the best interest of the citizens at heart.  He has already worked to solve mortgage fraud, having the foresight to recognize the problem and work toward a solution months before it became nationally recognized.  His work has demonstrated we chose the right man for the job.



Justice of the Peace Steve Egan


Steve Egan's election to the Justice of the Peace position puts a real person into what is often referred to as "The People's Court."  With no agenda other than serving the citizens, he is a breath of fresh air for Ellis County.



Emergency Services District #2


The ESD2 commissioners were of the "tax and spend" philosophy, but the sales tax election and new faces on the board seem to have given them a more conservative view.   Tom Manning is invaluable in the financial area.


Overall, the ESD's seem to be a win-win solution to fire & ambulance protection in the county.  The municipalities who assist the ESD's get extra income, and the ESD's save by not having to build fire stations across the county.





Government should tax only to the extent necessary for essential services.  Instead of raising taxes, government should spend the money it has more wisely.  Governments often are not short on money, they're short on the common sense to spend it wisely and the honesty to keep it out of their own pockets.  The federal government has over-stepped itself by charging taxes, licenses, and fees on just about everything.  The burden of tracking those fees, not to mention paying them, is a tremendous one to any business.


To be charged a fee for a license to do what the 2nd Amendment tells us we can do is just wrong.  For Obama and his cronies to want to take it away from us regardless is even worse.




  • Firm believer in constitutional rights.  I wish Obama would learn some.

  • Opposed to the government's taking of people's land by forced annexation.

  • Opposed to imminent domain except when absolutely necessary, and it should NEVER be used for economic development.

  • The constitution affirms the rights of PEOPLE to own guns.  (Affirmed by the Supreme Court.)



  • The U. S. should have an immigration policy that is fair, instead of the current one which gives special rights to countries from whom we probably don't want immigrants.

  • We should welcome legal immigrants who want to come to the U. S. and assimilate themselves into our society.  If they desire to burn our flag and/or replace our flag with theirs, they should be sent back to the country they obviously love.

  • To press "anything" to continue in English is an insult to our country and all who fought for our freedoms.

  • After being deported once -- maybe twice -- ILLEGAL immigrants should be incarcerated, to send a message to others.  Our porous borders are harming our economy, our jobs, our safety, and our way of life, and will eventually be a threat to our constitution.


Interesting People I've Met or Known


Dick Armey

House Majority Leader

When Armey was running for speaker, we were touring the capitol.  Our young son ran up to him and asked, "Are you Mr. Speaker?"  He turned to his colleagues and said, "See?  Even HE thinks I should be the speaker."  I immediately told him we were not in his voting district, and he replied, "If you're an American, you're MY constituent."  We chatted and took photos for 15 minutes;  I couldn't believe the amount of time he spent with us, especially without an appointment.  He was an amazing statesman.

Mary Kay Ash

Founder, Mary Kay Cosmetics

I attended church with Mary Kay and Mel (2nd husband) for several years.  They were both very gracious and generous people.

Mary Kay wore 2 lapel pins all the time.  One was a bumblebee.  Scientists say the bumblebee can't fly, but the bumblebee doesn't know it.  She used that to demonstrate the power of positive thinking, especially for women, who had not quite been accepted into the marketplace at that time.

The other pin was two shovels:  One was large;  the other, quite small.  "The small shovel," she would say, "is what I give to God.  The large shovel is what He gives back to me."

Arlo Guthrie

Musician, Actor

We met him at the Meyerson.  He was very friendly and down-to-earth.  How else could Arlo be?  (If you've never heard "City of New Orleans" with full orchestra background, you don't know what you're missing.)  It was an honor to shake the hand of such a talented musician.

Tom Lester

Actor, "Green Acres" and "Benji"

Think of "Eb" with a doctorate.  Very intelligent, yet down to earth and sincere.  Trivia:  in the 70's, he taught Sunday School at a Baptist Church in California.  I don't know if he still does.

Al Lewis

Actor, "Car 54, Where are You?" and "The Munsters"

A brief encounter on a plane, but when I asked for permission to take his picture, he responded with the "Grandpa" grin.

Dan Quayle

Vice President, U. S.

Extremely nice guy, very personable, intelligent, and amazingly powerful speaker.  It's sad how TV and the liberals destroy his image.  I got about 2 minutes to speak directly with him and shake his hand before his speech.  It's amazing how many guys there were around him in dark suits -- he should have felt very safe.

Dr. David Sibley

State Senator, Texas

I spoke at the opening of his Duncanville office.  He's a man who has overcome amazing physical hardships.  He sent Christmas cards for several years -- he's a great guy.

Jim Wright

Speaker of the House

Yes, I know he's a democrat.  It was still interesting to chat for a few minutes with the Speaker of the House -- it's not something one gets to do every day.

Dr. Robert Young


I was introduced to Bob at a dinner at a relative's house.  I made a joke about his name being the same as the famous composer, and then found out that's who he really was.  He has joined us at our house for Thanksgiving dinner several times, and is a very interesting person.  Trivia:  he was in the military, and was stationed to Pearl Harbor shortly after the December 7th attack.  Note:  Dr. Young passed away in 2011.


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